PIANO Mark Joggerst - VOICE Sabine van Baaren | Deutsch | English

Concert and CD review from Tracy Frank Meyer (2017) http://www.menopausebarbees.com/keys/

Some comments from listeners and fans:

"Love Remember Who You Are! Beautiful, peaceful, deep, spiritually nourishing. Many thanks""

"Relaxing and inspirational. THANKS" - "Thank you very beautiful..."

"Spendide juste splendide"

Wow - you are amazing - I've already shared your page on my twitter and I can't stop listening!    

"your music stirred up emotions. I could only listen to it when by myself. Your voice was equivalent and moving as nature's elements. Beautiful.
Your music is healing and needs to be out there."

"Your music sounds better than radio stations spin nowadays."

"Your voice is so beatiful, and the songs...Magical...!  This is truly your gift..."

"Super music !! Special attention to Calling you and For Charlie, those lyrics have magnetic power."

"I am very impressed"

"Thank you for your kind words of greeting and for sharing your soul through your wonderful song. Love Tony samara"

"Very beautiful... coming from the heart, delicate... Keep the good work"

"your professional work and experience is impressive and your voice is simply beautiful!I liked "A WA KE" a lot, it is relaxing, inspiring and invites to dream."

"Love Remember Who You Are! Beautiful, peaceful, deep, spiritually nourishing. Many thanks" 

"Wow, here's an exeptional voice!

" Great sound!"

"Your music is beautiful, soulful, authentic, and a true gift for all who hear it."

"I'm just discovering your page here and in same time the pleasure to discover also your beautiful voice and very good music of Mark. Congratulations to both of you."

"I had a listen to your music ................. very impressive, you have a beautiful voice and the songs are peaceful but kind of haunting , your partner does a wonderful job on the piano, he is really very good."

"Your music "IS" very inspiring, look forward to hearing more"

"It was nice to come across your page. I felt your voice to be really honest and convincing..just the way needed for a healer. Nice to know you. Blessings"

"It is not honest enough to say your music is beautiful. Within it something else lives that is within itself beautiful, honest and vulnerable. I listened to the song, Seelengesang. I don't speak German. In fact that was the first song I heard in German that gripped my soul. Your voice captured the mountains the way Brazilian singer, Flora Purim's voice captures song birds flitting above and through trees. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories" 

Thank you!

A wa ke, A.castillo